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Shimano Pop Orca Popper Plugs

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Shimano Pop Orca Popper Plugs are perfect for your next tuna trip! These lures feature a wide mouth that really displaces a lot of water. This 'Bubble Chamber' will suck water in and if the plug is on the top of the water, shoot it out the top creating a lot of commotion. While swimming beneath the surface it will create a large trail of bubbles that entices fish to strike. As with all Shimano lures and jigs, the exteriors are amazing! They feature big 3D eyes, a stainless steel thru wire and heavy duty sharp saltwater hooks. The 90mm / 3 1/2" and 120 mm / 4 3/4" models feature treble hooks. The longer 150 mm / 5 7/8" plugs have in line ingle hooks. Use a Shimano Pop Orca Popper Plug when popping for tuna or reel it with a steady motion through the water. These poppers catch fish!

Shimano Pop Orca Popper Plugs are floating and are available in seven great colors. The 90mm plug weighs 4/5 oz. The 120mm plug weighs 1.8 oz and the larger 3.1 ozs.

Models:OP190PE OP121NEOP151NE


Color - Black

Length - 90mm / 3 1/2"

Weight (oz) - 4/5

Type - Floating