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Hard Baits

Shimano Orca Top Water Lures

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Shimano Orca Top Water Lures are designed for catching big saltwater fish with spinning tackle! The hard plastic design is durable and can handle strikes from toothy predators. The internal weight system creates a unique pop and dive action that hungry fish can't resist. The aerodynamic shape helps deliver long distance casts so you can reach that pod of tuna you're targeting. Shimano Orca Top Water Lures feature 3X strong treble hooks and heavy-duty triple-ring split rings. Shimano is known for their high quality finishes and the Orca is the sharpest looking stickbait money can buy. Fish these lures offshore for tuna and GTs or inshore for roosterfish, cubera snapper stripers and blues! 

Shimano Orca Top Water Lures are floating and are available in eight beautiful colors. The 145mm lure weighs 1 3/5 oz. The 160mm lure weighs 2 oz and the 190mm lure 3 ozs.

Models: OT145KE OT160JEOT190JE


Color - Clear Silver

Length - 145mm / 5 3/4"

Weight (oz) - 1 3/5

Type - Floating