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Hard Baits

Shimano SP and HD Orca FB Flash Boost Lures

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Shimano SP and HD Orca FB Flash Boost Lures are new for 2020! Shimano is taking us forward with new Flash Boost technology. This internal system creates constant reflective flash with movement that will encourage nearby predators to strike! It reminds me of a part on a young child's toy thta flutters back and forth with very little effort reflecting a lot of light. It's really cool in person and works great in the water! The Orca FB comes in two different sizes. Choose from the 2 1/2 oz sinking SP Orca FB and the larger 5 1/4 oz floating HD Orca FB. Both are constructed of hard plastic that can take a beating. Internally they feature stainless steel through wire construction and feature a weight transfer system to help you achieve extra casting distance without putting in a lot of work. They have been outfitted with beefy 3X treble hooks and strong split rings. If you're fishing offshore and enjoy throwing stickbaits for tuna, GTs and other pelagics, get yourself an Shimano SB and HD Orca FB Flash Boost Lure. They perform as good as they look, and they look amazing! 

Shimano SP and HD Orca FB Flash Boost Lures are available in several great colors. Choose from Blue Pink, Blue Sardine, Flying Fish, Green Mackerel, Halfbeak, Injured Sardine and Skip Jack.

Models: XUS15TE, XUT20TE


Color - Blue Pink

Length - 200mm / 7 7/8"

Weight (oz) - 5 1/4

Type - Floating

Hook Size - 4/0