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Hard Baits

Shimano SP-ORCA Baby Lures

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The Shimano SP-ORCA Baby is a great addition to their lineup! At 3 1/2", this is a small sinking lure with a compact body. Shimano has added a heavy weight to the body so it is perfect for targeting bigger species in blue water who tend to attack smaller profile baits. It is basically a hard plastic housing for a large piece of lead. The SP-ORCA Baby features a single stinger hook that is connected to the a strong metal Thunnus Plate that can handle a lot of abuse. The finishes on these lures are second to none. It has excellent action on the fall and the retrieve. This style of lure is a tuna and seabass killer so pick some up for your next trip! 

Shimano SP-ORCA Baby Lures are available in five terrific colors! Choose from Blue Pink, Candy Iwashi, Chartreuse White, Clear Silver and Pink Silver.

Models: OS090BA


Color - Candy Iwashi

Length - 90mm / 3 1/2"

Weight (oz) - 1 1/2

Type - Sinking