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Deep Drop & Kite Rods

Shimano Talavera Blue Water Deep Drop Rods

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Shimano Talavera Blue Water Deep Drop Rods are designed for fishing electric reels targeting big fish who live in deep water. There has always been a very limited supply of deep drop rods, so the addition of this series from Shimano is definitely welcome. The Talavera Blue Water rods are constructed of strong and durable blanks with a thick shrinkwrapped foregrip and aluminum curved uni-butt. They are outfitted with Alps heavy-duty stainless steel turbo guides and a swivel roller tip. They are really well made and will hold up over time with minimal care. If you love fishing electric reels for swordfish, grouper and other bottom dwellers, buy a Shimano Talavera Blue Water Deep Drop Rod! It's going to perform at a high level.

Shimano Talavera Blue Water Deep Drop Rod are 5' in length and come in MH and H. They are blue and black.



Color - Black/Blue

Length - 5'0"

Power - Heavy

Action - Mod. Fast

Pieces - 2

Line Rating Braid (lbs) - 65-130

Rod Weight (oz) - 37.8

Guide Type - Alps Stainless Steel Guides

Reel Seat Manufacturer - Alps

Number of Guides - 5 + tip

Foregrip Material - EVA

Foregrip Length (in) - 12"

Reel Seat Type - Alps Aluminum Unibutt

Reargrip Material - Aluminum

Gimbal - Yes

Gimbal Material - Aluminum