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Shimano Tiralejo XX Surf Spinning Rods

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Shimano Tiralejo XX Surf Spinning Rods have been in the works for several years. Ever since Shimano started incorporating Spiral X and Hi-Power X blank construction technologies into their fishing rods they have been trying to perfect it in surf rods. They finally have and the result is a Tiralejo XX. These rods have excellent actions and the blanks are highly responsive while in use. Shimano outfitted these surf rods with Fuji SiC guides which work great with braided fishing lines. They also use a very comfortable Fuji DPS reel seat with locking nut to fully secure your reel. The Paco style grips are extremely comfortable and durable. Put all these things together and you've got Shimano's best series of surf rods yet. If you're a surfcaster and have never fishing a Shimano surf rod, a Shimano Tiralejo XX Surf Spinning Rod is the one to try. You will love the performance.  

Shimano Tiralejo XX Surf Spinning Rods are available in six models. These rods are built for throwiong fishing lures and not bait. Also, as with all modern surf rods, don't overload these rods by fishing high test braided lines.