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Shimano World Diver 99SP

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The Shimano World Diver 99SP is Shimano's deep diving freshwater jerkbait. Anytime Shimano comes out with a freshwater bait, it is important because it delivers new technology into an area that hasn't seen much innovation lately. The World Diver uses Shimano's Flash Boost technology that is inside the lure and creates repetitive flashes that hungry fish can't resist. We've seen this technology be extremely effective in big game lures and its inclusion here is going to deliver great results when targeting largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. Due to its shape and aerodynamics, the World Diver casts like a bullet and is outfitted with a pair of super sharp trebles for solid hookups. These baits dive from 6-8 feet and swim with an erratic side to side motion. They are designed for targeting suspending fish. The Kyorin scale pattern finish on these baits is really beautiful. If you're a  jerkbait kind of guy you definitely need to add a Shimano World Diver 99SP to your gear. It's a terrific lure!

Shimano World Diver 99SP are 3 7/8" in length and weigh 5/8 ozs. They are available in ten great colors. Choose from Chartreuse Head, Clown, Chartreuse Silver, Blue Silver, Ghost Ayu, Black Gold, Black Silver, Pink Smelt, Pro Blue, and Salangidae. If you want to fish deep, use this lure!



Color - Black Gold

Length - 3 7/8"

Weight (oz) - 5/8 oz

Type - Floating

Depth - 6-8 ft