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Spiderwire Stealth Pink Camo Braid

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SpiderWire Stealth Pink Camo Braid is a must for the female angler! It is without a doubt the coolest looking braid with its varying pink/white/black camo pattern. SpiderWire Stealth Pink Camo Braid delivers on performance with its Dyneema PE microfiber construction that creates a strong, smooth and round line. The Fluoropolymer coating reduces friction and helps you make extremely long casts! Buy a spool for the quality but this braid in this pattern will look amazing on your fishing reel!

SpiderWire Stealth Pink Camo Braid has a pink/white/black and is available in several sizes.

Models: SCS15PC-300, SCS20PC-300, SCS30PC-300, SCS40PC-300, SCS50PC-300, SCS65PC-300