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Spro Power Bucktail Jig

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The Spro Power Bucktail Jig was made for catching big fish! The main target is striped bass from a boat and the beach. These bucktails feature a lead minnow head with 3D eyes. It has three times as much hair as the Spro prime Bucktail. The main get on this bucktail is the extra large, super sharp Gamakatsu hook. This thick hook will not bend and can handle any striper you hook into! If you're looking for a new bucktail to throw at striped bass, give a Spro Power Bucktail Jig a try!

Spro Power Bucktail Jigs are available in several weights and colors. Choose from 1-3 oz in white and crazy chartreuse. 



Color - Crazy Chartreuse

Size - 1 oz

Length - 4 1/2"

Weight (oz) - 1

Type - Bucktail

Range (ft) - Unlimited