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Spro Little John 50 Crankbaits

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Spro Little John 50 Crankbaits are perfect for catching freshwater bass! These great lures feature a durable circuit board bill that deflects off structure and super sharp #3 Gamakatsu treble hooks. It has an extremely enticing wobble in the water that fish can't resist! With its silent weight transfer system, Spro Little John 50 Crankbaits casts like a bullet! Even when it is windy, you are going to get the distance you need. These shallow water crankbaits have really nice finishes. You will definitely catch more fish with a Spro Little John 50 Crankbait!

Spro Little John 50 Crankbaits are available in two colors. Choose from nasty shad and spooky shad. Both work great!



Color - Chart Black Back

Length - 2"

Weight (oz) - 1/2

Type - Suspending 3-5 Feet

Hook Size - #3