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St Croix Legend Trek Travel Casting Rods

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St Croix Legend Trek Travel Casting Rods are serious travel rods! If you want to bring your vacation to the next level, then fishing with a Legend Trek is key. St Croix legend Trek Travel Rods are constructed of SCIV graphite with St Croix's propriety FRS and IPC technologies. This creates a fishing rod that is incredibly light, powerful and has an amazing action. The Legend Trek is an extremely fun rod to fish and since it breaks down into three pieces, you can take it anywhere in the world. St Croix has incorporated slim-profile ferrules that completely eliminate dead spots on the rod, making it flex as if it were made of a single piece! Kigan Master Hand Zero Tangle guides with zirconia rings and titanium frames are perfect for braid and extremely corrosion resistant. The super-grade cork handles are extremely comfortable. People tend to over look fishing experience when looking for a fishing rod, but when you wield a St Croix Legend Trek Travel Casting Rod you will know that you are fishing with something that was made by hand and that is epically awesome! 

St Croix Legend Trek Travel Casting Rods are available in four models. These fishing rods are a beautiful shade of blue. They come with a really nice rugged case and a 15-year transferable warranty from St Croix. Gotta love it!

Models: LTC70MF3, LTC76MHF3, LTC76HF3, LTC76XHF3

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