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St Croix Avid Series Salmon & Steelhead Casting Rods

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St. Croix Avid Series Salmon and Steelhead Casting Rods should come with a warning label: Whether it’s for the fish you’re hunting or your arms after those bruiser salmon take you for a ride is up for debate. Either way, the Avid Salmon and Steelhead Series are ridiculously well-matched for salmon domination. St. Croix puts so much thought into their rod building, and the Salmon and Steelhead Avid rods are totally indicative of this fact. The Avid S&SS are built utilizing the same high-modulus SCIII blank that all their Avid series rods are sporting, and when you include the IPC® process, you achieve true perfection.

The St. Croix Avid Salmon and Steelhead Casting Rods are uniquely suited for the west-coast style of salmon fishing, coming in extra long lengths of 8’6”, 9’, 9’6”, and 10’6”, but are still more than adequate for the eastern lake fishing as well. 

Models: AVC86MF2, AVC86MHF2, AVC86HF2, AVC90MLF2, AVC90MF2, AVC90MHF2, AVC90HF2, AVC90HM2, AVC96MLF2, AVC96MF2, AVC96MHF2, AVC96HF2, AVC106MLF2, AVC106MF2, AVC106HM2