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St Croix Premier Glass Musky Rods

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St Croix Premier Glass Musky Rods are the ’66 Cadillac of musky fishing rods. Featuring St. Croix’s proprietary 100% linear S-Glass construction that gives a supreme feel when hooked up to a heavy hitting musky or pike. The S-Glass is unparalleled in this industry, and only the experienced anglers can truly appreciate the difference it makes when hooked up. The best way to describe it is fluidity – the rod, the fish, and you are all one flowing, changing entity connected for 10 gut wrenching minutes until the fish tires, or you do. The Musky Glass Rods feature the same hardcore Kigan Master Hand 3D guides that ensure your braid won’t cut through and snap.

St. Croix Premier Glass Musky Rods only come in one specific length – 8’ heavy action that handles up to an 8 oz lure and 40-80 pound class braid. The engineers at St. Croix thought this was the most versatile length and weight for the Musky Glass Rods, and here at J&H we couldn’t agree more!

Models: PGM80HM