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St Croix Triumph Salmon & Steelhead Casting Rods

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St. Croix Triumph Salmon and Steelhead Casting Rods fit the bill when it comes to species-specific fishing. Catching a king, coho, or steelhead requires a particular set of skills, and it only helps when that skill set is complimented by a specialized tool, specifically designed for the task at hand. It also helps when said tool doesn’t keep you from eating for a week. That’s right – you can have your cake and eat it too! At a mere $100, you can add a highly specialized piece of salmon hunting equipment to your arsenal. One that if utilized properly, will change the way you fish and put more salmon in your boat. Or creel. Or stringer. Or….well you get the point. St. Croix Triumph Salmon and Steelhead Casting Rods rock!

St. Croix Triumph Salmon and Steelhead Casting Rods are available in 8’6” lengths in a MH and H weight. They are a must have for anglers hunting the ultimate freshwater prize, and one fish landed will convince you that you’ll never have to part with a gargantuan sum of money for a rod again. And you can still enjoy that $20 luxury sandwich with free range chicken breast, tomato aioli and bean sprouts instead of the old PB&J. You earned it. 

Models: TRC86MHF2, TRC86HF2



Color - Black

Length - 8'6

Power - MH

Action - Fast

Pieces - 2

Line Rating Mono (lbs) - 8-17

Lure Weight (oz) - 3/8-1

Rod Weight (oz) - 6.5

Handle Style - 5

Guide Type - Aluminum-oxide guides

Reel Seat Manufacturer - Fuji

Number of Guides - 8 + tip

Foregrip Material - Cork

Foregrip Length (in) - 2

Reel Seat Type - Fuji ECS or TCS reel seat/frosted silver hoods

Reargrip Length (in) - 14

Reargrip Material - Cork

Gimbal - No