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St Croix 2021 Triumph Surf Spinning Rods

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St Croix 2021 Triumph Surf Spinning Rods have gotten a long overdue refresh. Now don't get me wrong, since its inception the Triumph Surf has been a best bang for your buck surf spinning rod. Anglers from all over the world have caught some big striped bass and snook from the beach with these rods. The 2021 takes an already great rod and makes it better. St Croix has switched over to Sea Guide components including the reel seat and the aluminum-oxide guides with a sandblasted finish to give the Triumph better optics. The SCII blank is the same but has got a new coat of Sea Smoke paint that looks terrific and is much fishier than the original black and yellow. The fore and rear grips are cork tape that are comfortable and will give you good grip, even when you are up to your chest in saltwater. St Croix 2021 Triumph Surf Spinning Rods are lightweight yet have the power to handle larger fish. This is a terrific entry level surf rod or a great backup rod. I have calling it an entry level rod because it's so much better than the vast majority of rods in its price range. If you're looking for a high performance surf rod and you want to keep the price down, buy a St Croix 2021 Triumph Surf Spinning Rod. You'll probably be back for another for your friend!

St Croix 2021 Triumph Surf Spinning Rods are available in 7'-10' 6". The 7' is a one-piece and all the others are 2-pieces.

Models: TSF70M, TSF80M2, TSF90M2, TSF100M2, TSF106MH2


Color - Sea Smoke

Length - 7'

Power - M

Action - Mod. Fast

Pieces - 1

Line Rating Mono (lbs) - 8-17

Lure Weight (oz) - 1/2-2

Rod Weight (oz) - 6.5

Handle Style - 1

Guide Type - Aluminum-oxide

Reel Seat Manufacturer - Sea Guide

Number of Guides - 5 + tip

Foregrip Material - Cork tape

Foregrip Length (in) - 5"

Reel Seat Type - Sea Guide Reel Seat

Reargrip Length (in) - 12"

Reargrip Material - Cork tape

Gimbal - No