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Trolling Lures

Sterling Tackle 12" Machine - Rigged

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If you're looking for a stinger or just a rigged single lure, look no further than the Sterling Tackle 12" Rigged Machine. This is a high quality offshore trolling lure that has been proven over the years. These stingers can be used on the back of spreader bars, chains or by themselves. The Sterling Tackle 12" machines are rigged with tri-beads, 50lb momoi smoke blue mono and 10/0 stainless steel, 5x strong hook, knife edge, southern tuna Hook. If you're going offshore you want to use quality stuff and Sterling Tackle is known worldwide for making tackle that catches fish. One fish and this rigged machine pays for itself. Get one today!

Sterling Tackle 12" Rigged Machines are available in seven great colors. Choose from Glow, Green, Rainbow, Pink, White, blurple and pink. They all work. Perfect for when you are targeting tuna!

Models: ST12M-R


Color - Green Magic

Length - 12"

Weight (oz) - 3.8

Type - Sinking

Hook Size - 10/0

Depth - Unlimited