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Sterling Tackle 18" Tracker Spreader Bar

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Sterling Tackle 18" Tracker Spreader Bars are tuna catching machines! Built on a titanium spreader bar, the bird has a fixed transparent plexiglass keel that makes the bar kick out to the side up to 30'. This gives you the ability to have a very wide spread and troll water you would not cover without it. If you use outriggers, you can get this bar to track out even further allowing you to cover a ton of water! Sterling Tackle 18" Tracker Spreader Bars feature 9" bulb squid, and a 9" machine stinger with a 9/0 stainless steel big game hook. The center line is smoke blue 250 lb Momoi while the wing lines are 130 lb Momoi. Sterling uses a 400 lb stainless steel ball bearing swivel inside the last teaser and loop protectors at critical points. This is a high quality tracking spreader bars that work great in calm and rougher conditions. If you want to catch more tuna, definitely buy a pair of Sterling Tackle 18" Tracker Spreader Bars!

Sterling Tackle 18" Tracker Spreader Bars have a fixed keel so they are available in port and starboard versions. Make sure you choose the correct one. They come in great colors including Green, Purple/Black, Rainbow and Zucchini. Made in the USA!

Models: 18T-9BS-PORT, 18T-9BS-STAR 


Color - Blue/White

Bar Length - 18"

Teaser Length - 9"

Side - Port