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Trolling Lures

Sterling Tackle 36" Chaos Spreader Bar

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Sterling Tackle 36" Chaos Spreader Bars are the perfect splash bar for attracting hungry tuna to your spread! They are made in the USA using high quality components. Sterling Tackle 36" Chaos Spreader Bars feature 9" bulb squid, and four 9" soft birds that create a tremendous amount of commotion on the surface of the water. At the back is a 12" machine rigged with a 10/0 Stainless Steel 4X Strong, Knife Edge, Big Game Hook. The center line is smoke blue 250 lb Momoi while the wing lines are 200 lb Momoi. Sterling uses a 400 lb stainless steel ball bearing swivel inside the last teaser and loop protectors at critical points. This is a top of the line tracking spreader bar that performs incredibly in both calm and rougher conditions. If catching tuna is your passion, definitely buy a pair of Sterling Tackle 36" Chaos Spreader Bars!

Sterling Tackle 36" Chaos Spreader Bars are available in five proven colors. Chose from Blue/White, Green, Purple/Black, Rainbow and Zucchini. Made in the USA!

Models: 36-C


Color - Blue/White

Bar Length - 36"

Teaser Length - 9"