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Strike King KVD HC Splash Popper

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The Strike King HC KVD Splash Popper is another great Kevin VanDam creation. Yeah, that Kevin VanDam! The Splash Popper makes quite a commotion as it moves across the surface of the water. This is due to its cupped mouth that displaces a lot of water and sends bass into a frenzy. With all KVD lures, only the finest component are used including amazingly lifelike graphics, 3D eyes and sharp black nickel treble hooks. There is even a feather on the rear treble that even stubborn fish can't resist! Strike King HC KVD Splash Poppers are amazing plugs that will help you catch more fish without breaking the bank. Get one today!

Strike King HC KVD Splash Popper are available in 3" in three colors. Choose from clear ghost sexy shad, sexy shad and summer sexy shad. That's a lot of sexy to choose from!



Color - Sexy Shad

Length - 3"

Weight (oz) - 1/2

Type - Topwater