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Soft Plastics

Strike King Rage Tail Chunk

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The Strike King Rage Tail Chunk is a different kind of soft plastic. With its unique tail design, the Rage Tail Chunk delivers amazing splash and action in the water. They are constructed of hi-grade plastics and are infused with a coffee scent that is not only a stimulant for nearby fish, but also masks any unwanted scents. Strike King Rage Tail Chunk baits can be fished several ways. Try using them as a trailer on football head jigs, casting jigs, swimming jigs and flipping jigs. However you fish them, these soft plastic baits will lead to more hookups!

Strike King Rage Tail Chunk baits are made in the USA. They come seven baits to a package and are available in 4". Choose from black blue flake and green pumpkin. 

Models: RGCHK-2, RGCHK-46


Color - Black Blue Flake

Size (in.) - 4"

Pieces - 7

Hook - None