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Tide Rite Beaded Spinner Rigs 2-pack

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Prepare to revolutionize your fishing experience with Tide Rite Beaded Spinner Rigs – the ultimate solution for anglers seeking unmatched attraction and endless adventure on the water. Crafted with precision and engineered for versatility, these rigs are your secret weapon for enticing a wide variety of fish species and landing your next trophy catch with ease.

Irresistible Attraction:

Tide Rite Beaded Spinner Rigs are meticulously designed to captivate fish with their irresistible allure. Featuring vibrant beads and flashy spinner blades, these rigs create a mesmerizing presentation that fish simply can't resist.

Durable Construction:

Built to withstand the rigors of fishing, Tide Rite Beaded Spinner Rigs are constructed from high-quality materials and built to last. From the corrosion-resistant hooks to the sturdy leader material, every component is designed to withstand aggressive strikes and challenging fishing conditions, ensuring that you can fish with confidence trip after trip.

Enhanced Visibility:

Featuring vibrant colors and reflective spinner blades, Tide Rite Beaded Spinner Rigs offer enhanced visibility that attracts fish from a distance. Whether you're fishing in clear water or low-light conditions, these rigs ensure that your bait is easily spotted by hungry predators, increasing your chances of success and maximizing your time on the water.

Trusted by Anglers:

Tide Rite has earned a reputation for excellence in the fishing industry, and Beaded Spinner Rigs are no exception. Trusted by anglers worldwide, these rigs have proven themselves time and time again in a variety of fishing environments, making them the go-to choice for anglers seeking reliability, performance, and success on the water.

Elevate your fishing game with Tide Rite Beaded Spinner Rigs – where unmatched attraction meets endless adventure. Experience the thrill of enticing strikes and epic battles with these versatile and effective rigs. Gear up with Tide Rite and embark on your next fishing adventure with confidence!

Models: DFJ-SNB


Color - Red/Silver

Mono lb Test - 20

Length - 15"

# of Hooks - 1

Hook Style - Long Snell Hooks

Bead Style - 4 red beads + silver spinner