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Tide Rite Single Bucktail HI-LO Rigs

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Elevate your fishing game with the Tide Rite 2 Drop Beaded HI-LO Rigs! These expertly crafted rigs are a game-changer for anglers aiming to maximize their catch potential. Whether you're a seasoned fisher or a beginner, the HI-LO design is perfect for a variety of fishing scenarios.

Exceptional Design for Enhanced Attraction:

The Tide Rite 2 Drop Beaded HI-LO Rigs stand out with their distinctive design. The two-drop setup, enhanced with attractive beads, creates a visually stimulating presentation that is irresistible to fish. This design effectively increases your chances of attracting and hooking multiple fish simultaneously, making your fishing trips more efficient and fruitful.

Strength and Durability:

Tide Rite is synonymous with quality, and these HI-LO rigs are built to last. Constructed from durable materials, they can withstand the rigors of frequent fishing trips and diverse water conditions. This reliability means you can confidently cast your line, knowing your rig is up to the challenge.

The Tide Rite 2 Drop Beaded HI-LO Rigs are more than just fishing gear; they're an enhancement to your fishing strategy. With their unique design, versatility, and durability, these rigs are crucial for any angler looking to boost their catch rate. Add the Tide Rite 2 Drop Beaded HI-LO Rigs to your fishing arsenal and experience a noticeable improvement in your fishing adventures!

Models: R565W, R565PK, R565LG


Color - White

Mono lb Test - 30 lb

Length - 15"

# of Hooks - 2

Hook Style - Mustad Hooks

Bead Style - White Bucktails