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Tony Maja Bunker Spoons

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Tony Maja Bunker Spoons have been catching big striped bass for a very long time! They are a go to spoon when trolling for bass with wire line. Tony Maja Bunker Spoons are constructed of an extra heavy duty gauge stainless steel so you can fish them at greater depths with less line. They feature a single keel and have a natural swimming action in the water. The hook is a 9/0 stainless steel Mustad hook that is dressed with either bucktail or Mylar. This adds to the swimming action and fish can't resist it! The set up is such that you will have more hook ups than with other spoons. If you're trolling with wire line, give a Tony Maja Bunker Spoon a try. The results will amaze you!   

Tony Maja Bunker Spoons are available in two sizes. Choose from white, chartreuse and multi-colored.



Color - White

Length - 7"

Type - Metal Spoon

Range (ft) - Unlimited