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Tsunami Timber Lure Round Nose Swimmer Plug

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The Tsunami Timber Lure Round Nose Swimmer is a perfectly engineered wooden plug. Pop and slash this lure to imitate fleeing baitfish, or reel it in slowly with a "walk-the-dog" action that game fish can't resist. Work it on the surface or use a slow retrieve. Outfitted with VMC® 4X perma steel hooks. Handcrafted from northern basswood with heavy-duty, stainless steel, through-wire construction and split rings. Durable and long-lasting triple epoxy-coated finish. 

Tsunami Timber Lure Round Nose Swimming Plugs are available in white, yellow/white belly/spots, chartreuse/white belly, bunker, black back/purple, blue/pink flash/white belly, and blue/white belly.