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Tsunami Airwave Surf Spinning Rods

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Tsunami Airwave Surf Spinning Rods give you a super high quality surf stick without parting with a week’s paycheck. Sure you can go out and spend upwards of 4 bills for a high end luxury stick, but with the Airwave’s proprietary High Fiber Density blank paired with PacBay hardloy guides and Fuji graphite reel seats, you get the goodies of an expensive rod for under $160! Can’t beat that! Airwave Surf Spinning Rods will handle all kinds of surf conditions and applications – whether you’re throwing plugs on the open beach, bucktailing a fast moving inlet, throwing chunks, or slinging eels off a Montauk boulder, the Airwave will compete with the best sticks on the market.

Tsunami Airwave Surf Spinning Rods, because they utilize the High Fiber Density blank, are very lightweight and castable. I’ve personally thrown plugs for hours with these sticks (a 10 foot medium heavy to be exact) and my shoulders and elbows felt good enough to keep going straight through the next tide. A crosshatch shrinkwrapped grip graces the business end of the stick, keeping your hands firmly planted on the grip during the steady run of a fall run striper. Tsunami Airwave Surf Spinning Rods come in lengths ranging from 7’ to 11’ with a few half sizes in between, and in a variety of strengths and actions.