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Spinning Rods

Tsunami Classic Spinning Rods

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Tsunami Classic Spinning Rods make inshore fishing affordable while delivering on performance. There's probably not a better rod for the money than a Tsunami Classic. These rods are constructed of unidirectional composite material overlaid with an ultra high modulus fine weave graphite mesh. This results in a fishing rod that is lightweight, powerful and very sensitive. Fish these rods with braid and you'll feel every bump and twitch as your bait moves along the bottom. These rods have been outfitted with Fuji Hardloy guides, Fuji graphite reel seats and high grade cork fore and rear grips. Tsunami Classic Spinning Rods are clearly at the forefront when it comes to best bang for your buck! Get one of these rods and go catch some fish!

Tsunami Classic Spinning Rods come with a one-year limited warranty. You will love fishing with one of these rods!

Models: TSCS-621M, TSCS-661MF, TSCS-661MH, TSCS-701ML, TSCS-701MH, TSCS-701H, TSCS-761M, TSCS-801M