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Tsunami Glass Minnow Teasers

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Tsunami Glass Minnow Teasers are the perfect teaser for your fluke rig! Use a bucktail on the bottom and attach the Glass Minnow Teaser to a dropper loop at the top. The fish won't know what hit them! Tsunami Glass Minnow Teasers feature holographic a mylar foil tail that reflects a great deal of light, bright dimensional eyes and a high gloss finish that is extremely durable! They have a 3/0 round bend hook. If you want to catch more fish, get yourself some Tsunami Glass Minnow Teasers!

The Tsunami Glass Minnow Teaser family just got larger with the addition of new colors with silicone skirts and glow tentacles! These extremely effective teasers feature a great 3/0 round bend hook. 

Tsunami Glass Minnow Teasers are available in nine colors. One teaser per pack. They weigh 3/8 oz.



Length - 3"

Quantity - 1

Color - Green/Chartreuse w/ Silicone Skirt