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Tsunami Hi-Lo Holo-Teaser Rigs

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Tsunami Hi-Lo Holo-Teaser Rigs are fantastic for catching fluke! The Holo-Teaser has been universally loved by anglers in the Northeast and now Tsunami has rigged them up for you! This rig is hand tied using 30 lb fluorocarbon, a super sharp bait holder hook, and a barrel swivel that prevents line twist. In this hi-lo rig, the Holo-Teaser is rigged as the hi. Put whatever you want on the lo. Tsunami Hi-Lo Holo-Teaser Rigs are extremely effective at catching fish! Get yours today!

Tsunami Hi-Lo Holo-Teaser Rigs are available in three different colors - chartreuse/yellow, chartreuse/white and pink/white.

Models: TTR1-CG-CW, TTR1-GL, TTR1-PW


Color - Pink/White

Fluoro lb Test - 30 lb

Length - 30"

# of Hooks - 1

Hook Style - Bait Holder Hook

Swivel Style - Barrel swivel