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Soft Plastics

Tsunami Holographic Shad Bodies

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Tsunami Holographic Shad Bodies are incredibly realistic! When these unrigged soft plastic baits swim through the water they look exactly like a baitfish! They feature a holographic core that reflects a lot of light, 3D eyes and great finishes! Fish these tough soft baits for striped bass, bluefish and any large predatory gamefish. Put them on jig heads, weighted hooks or on umbrella rigs. Tsunami Holographic Shad Bodies are proven fish killers! They are extremely effective and one of the best saltwater soft plastics on the market!

Tsunami Holographic Shad Bodies are available in 6" and 8" models. Choose from several colors. All baits are unrigged. They are sold individually and in bulk 25 packs.

Models: SB6, SB8


Color - Golden Bunker

Size (in.) - 6

Pieces - 1

Hook - None