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Tsunami Holographic Shrimp

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Tsunami Holographic Shrimp are a great artificial bait. Shrimp are the most popular bait fish in the world and Tsunami has done an excellent job replicating not only how they look, but how the move through the water. Tsunami Holographic Shrimp are constructed of a tough and durable plastic formula that will hold up well to multiple strikes. They come pre rigged with a weighted Mustad UltraPoint hook that is very sharp and will lead to more hook ups. If you fish shrimp, give a Tsunami Holographic Shrimp a try.

Tsunami Holographic Shrimp are available in several great colors in 2" and 3" models.

Models: HS2, HS3


Color - Black Back Smoke

Size (in.) - 2

Weight (oz) - 1/8

Pieces - 3

Hook - Single