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Tsunami Reverb

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Tsunami Reverb lures take a page from the freshwater fishing manual to create a saltwater lure that rattles and entices gamefish to strike using their most basic predatory instincts. Tsunami Reverb lures are a triple threat – they rattle, wobble, and are visually striking providing multiple angles for effective fishing. Reverb lures are available in a 4 inch size, and cast very well especially with a fast action medium weight rod, even in the surf! An underutilized surf lure, I’ve seen these plugs work with deadly effectiveness on a quiet moonless night in the Long Island’s back bays, and in brackish Florida rivers.

Tsunami Reverb lures have multiple chambers with different gauged BB’s providing a pitch multitude that can entice even the most stubborn predator to strike, if only out of pure agitation. Tsunami Reverb lures are available in many different X-colors, featuring holographic eyes and sharp Mustad treble hooks. 

Models: TSRV4S


Color - Black Back/Mirror Chrome

Length - 4

Weight (oz) - 1

Type - Sinking