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Tsunami Slimwave Lures

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Tsunami Slimwave Lures have been helping anglers catch fish for a long time! These metal jigs are easy to cast and their movement through the water makes them irresistible to hungry fish! Tsunami Slimwave Lures have a brilliant chrome finish that combined with water proof prism tape will easily catch the eye of nearby fish. These lures are very similar to Deadly Dicks and just as effective! Tsunami has outfitted the Slimwave with strong, stainless split rings and heavy-duty swivels to ensure that this lure will hold up against big fish! If you've never fished a Tsunami Slimwave Lure, you are missing out! Throw one in the water today! 

Tsunami Slimwave Lures are available in chrome w/ green prism, chrome w/ red prism, chrome w/ silver prism and chrome w/ blue prism.

Models: TSSL-3/4, TSSL-1, TSSL-2, TSSL-3, TSSL-4


Color - Chrome w/ Green Prism

Length - 4 1/2

Weight (oz) - 3

Type - Metal Jig

Range (ft) - Unlimited