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Tsunami Surface Blaster Popper

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The Tsunami Surface Blaster Popper is all about making a big splash! The Surface Blaster is constructed of a durable, high polymer that can handle repeated strikes from big predators. It features a large mouth that will move a lot of water and cause quite a commotion as you pull it across the top of the water. Tsunami has outfitted these lures with stainless steel split rings and big, VMC treble hooks. The holographic finish is beautiful and will reflect a lot of light to get noticed by the big fish swimming below. Use one of these poppers when you are targeting tuna or striped bass. Great from a boat or the beach!

Tsunami Surface Blaster Poppers are available in 4.75" and 6.5". Each size is available in several proven colors that will help you land more fish! All of these plugs float.

Models: TSPSB15, TSPSB3


Color - Green Mackerel

Length - 4.75

Weight (oz) - 1 1/2

Type - Floating

Hook Size - 4/0