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Tsunami Surface Striker

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The Tsunami Surface Striker was designed for fighting toothy predators! It is constructed of a high impact polyurethane foam that can handle strike after strike from big fish! The Surface Striker is a top water lure that has a long wake walking action. It also has internal weights that can be moved around to change the action of the lure to meet your exact needs. It features stainless steel thru-wire construction, big 3X strong VMC treble hooks and stainless steel split rings. The holographic finishes look terrific and the 3D eyes add to the lure's realism. Whether you are fishing for tuna offshore or cow stripers from the beach, the Tsunami Surface Striker will get the job done! 

Here's how Tsunami describes the innovative weight chambers on this lure:

"The completely unique feature in this lure is a pair of chambers in the belly, each is sealed by a gasketed screw and holding two weight balls.  The stock lure is delivered with two weight balls in each chamber and this causes the lure to float nose up at almost eighty degrees to the horizontal water surface.  About two inches of the front of the lure will be seen above the surface at rest.  In this position, the first tug on the line will cause the lure to nose down into a horizontal position “IN” the surface of the water and move forward.  Successive tugs on the line will cause the lure to dart approximately forty-five degrees to the left and right of the line of retrieve.  But, that’s not all.  Each tug changes direction and on each change, the Surface Striker will continue to glide along for two or three lure lengths before stopping in the surface.  A tug / pause action means more water covered laterally on each tug of the line in the lures’ stock configuration. 

Adjusting the weights in the Tsunami Platinum Surface Striker can result in a variety of retrieve actions.

Removing all of the weights from the belly chambers causes the lure to float a bit higher, still nose up at rest, and to run in the water surface a little higher.   This delivers a more pop-up action on each tug of the line and, with a little work, it can be used in a pencil popper retrieve.

Removing two weights from just the front chamber results in a more vertical float.  The first retrieve tug will cause the lure to nose down and run just under the water surface. 

Removing two weights from just the rear chamber leaves a more standard float and lets the Surface Striker pivot about the belly hook for a tighter walking action on the retrieve.  This is good for use in constricted or obstructed waters (rocks, weeds, etc.) and covers less water laterally.

Placing all four weights in the rear chamber (yes, they’ll fit) causes the Surface Striker to float almost vertically.  On retrieve, it will zig zag just under the water surface and frequently pop up after a pause.

With four weights in the front chamber, the Surface Striker will float as in the stock configuration with the nose up at seventy-five to eighty degrees from horizontal.  Retrieve action is a much tighter zig zag pivoting about the belly hook/weight chamber and most of the action is on the water surface."

Tsunami Surface Strikers are 8" in length and come in seven great colors. Choose from blue mackerel, bone, electro school bus, green mackerel, half beak, pink back/silver and wonderbread. 

Models: TSSS4


Color - Electro School Bus

Length - 8

Weight (oz) - 4

Type - Floating