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Tsunami Timber Lure Flat Nose Swimmer Plugs

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Tsunami Timber Lure Flat Nose Swimmer Plugs are an incredibly efficient “2 in 1” combination plug – it’s one half darter, one half metal lipped swimmer, a serious striped bass catching machine! These plugs are designed to be retrieved at a snail’s pace, darting back and forth with the traditional wobble of a metal lipped swimmer. Tsunami has really hit a home run with these plugs, as they are very unique and extremely effective. Tsunami Timber Lure Flat Nose Swimmer Plugs are best fished in calm conditions, whether on open beaches or, more often, rockpiles all over the island. I’ve used this plug with much success at Orient Point and the South side of Montauk.

Tsunami Timber Lure Flat Nose Swimmer Plugs, like all plugs in the Timber line, come equipped with heavy duty rust resistant VMC 4X strong permasteel hooks that can hold up under the extreme pressure a cow bass can exert during an intense battle. Made with Northern Basswood, they are triple-epoxy sealed for a lifetime of buoyancy and come in white, chartreuse/white belly, black back/purple, yellow/white belly/spots, bunker, blue/pink flash/white belly, and blue/white belly. 5" plugs are also available in holographic finishes: holographic menhaden, holographic golden bunker, and holographic dawn herring. 

Models: FSN5, FSN6