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Tsunami Ball Jigs

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Tsunami Ball Jigs are a perfect option when fluke fishing. These round head jigs feature 3D eyes and a single sharp hook with bucktail on the back. Available in 1-8 oz, Tsunami Ball Jigs work great when the current is running and you need extra weight to hold bottom. Fish them just like a bucktail. Put a Gulp on the back for a little something extra. If you love fishing for fluke, get yourself a few Tsunami Ball Jigs.

Tsunami Ball Jigs are available in chrome and glow.

Models: TSBJ-1, TSBJ-2, TSBJ-3, TSBJ-4, TSBJ-6, TSBJ-8


Color - Chrome w/ Chart/White Bucktail

Weight (oz) - 3

Range (ft) - Unlimited