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Soft Plastics

Tsunami Soft Plastic Weighted Squids

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Tsunami Weighted Squids are holographic soft plastic lures and are available in a variety of models for casting, cranking, twitching or jigging applications in fresh or salt water. High-contrast etched holographic foil and transparent finish patterns represent the most popular bait species or strike triggering colors. These soft body vinyl lures, produced exclusively for Bimini Bay Outfitters Performance Products, provide high quality, uniform swimming action and consistent performance for angler satisfaction. The extra tough formulation used to produce these lures will stand up to multiple toothy fish.

All of these lures are tank tested to assure proper performance and strike triggering action. Precision weight balance designs in all models assure improved, tumble free casting performance and a better-balanced swimming or jigging action. Premium Mustad Ultra Point black nickel hooks are molded into each model for extra strength and sure hook sets. Black nickel hooks offer excellent penetration corrosion resistance.

Un rigged shad bodies, squids and eels in lengths from 3" to 12" are ideal for custom rigging on jig heads, spreader bars, dredges and umbrella rigs for inshore and big game pursuits. Tsunami Weighted Squids come in several colors.

Models: WHSQ4, WHSQ6


Color - Chartreuse/Clear

Size (in.) - 4

Weight (oz) - 7/8

Pieces - 6

Hook - Single