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VMC Open Eye Siwash Hooks

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VMC Open Eye Siwash Hooks are the perfect replacement hook for fishing lures. The are constructed of hi carbon steel and feature long cut points that are extremely sharp, a large open eye and are 2X strong. These high quality siwash hooks work great and there is no need for a split ring! If you are looking for a premium yet affordable hook to use as a replacement for the hook your lures, then a VMC Open Eye Siwash Hook is the way to go! Love them!

VMC Open Eye Siwash Hooks are made in France and are available in several sizes. Choose between a small pack and a bulk 25 pack. They are perma steel in color. 

Models: 9171PS#3/0PP, 9171PS#3/0C, 9171PS#4/0PP, 9171PS#4/0C, 9171PS#5/0PP, 9171PS#5/0C, 9171PS#6/0PP, 9171PS#6/0C, 9171PS#7/0PP, 9171PS#7/0C, 9171PS#8/0PP, 9171PS#8/0C


Hook Size - 8/0

Style - Open Eye Siwash Hook

Pieces - 4

Hook Color - Perma Steel