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Rigging Materials

VMC NKW Neko Weights

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VMC NKW Neko Weights are designed for Neko-Wacky rigging. With their conical ribs and thin profile, VMC NKW Neko Weights can easily be inserted into a soft plastic bait without damaging the plastic. If you're looking to fish this style, VMC NKW Neko Weights will make it much easier to get the action you desire.

VMC NKW Neko Weights are available in four weights. Choose from 1/32 oz, 1/16 oz, 3/32 oz and 1/8 oz. They come 10 pieces to a pack and are perma steel in color.

Models: NKW116-NAT, NKW132-NAT, NKW332-NAT, NKW18-NAT


Weight Size - 1/32 oz

Style - Neko

Pieces - 10

Color - Perma Steel