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VMC Tokyo Rig HD Wide Gap 2 Pack

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The VMC Tokyo Rig HD Wide Gap has taken the freshwater market by storm! This rig has become incredibly popular because it produces results. The VMC Tokyo Rig moves the weight away from the bait and changes the action. It gives extra movement to baits that might not produce great movement when the weight is right in front of it. The Tokyo Rig increases your options of soft plastics to fish because they are going to move more naturally in the water and therefore produce more hits. VMC Tokyo Rigs feature heavy duty wide gap hooks that are very sharp. There is a stainless steel dropper arm that you can add any size weight to. If you are looking to catch more largemouth, start fishing the Tokyo Rig. Experiment with different baits in different situations. You'll be surprised by the results. 

VMC Tokyo Rigs come in two packs. They are available in 2/0, 3/0, 4/0 and 5/0. The hooks are black nickel.



Color - Silver

# of Hooks - 2

Hook Style - 2/0 HD Wide Gap

Swivel Style - Barrel Swivel