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Wolfpack Tackle Ahi Casting Lures

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Wolfpack Tackle Ahi Casting Lures are designed as a heavy-duty tuna fishing soft plastic. Over the past several years these style of baits have become incredibly popular because they catch a lot of fish. It has a really unique modular design that gives you a lot of options. You can not only change out the silicone tail but also the silicone head. The body is durable and can handle multiple fish. They incorporate a sharp heavy duty 4X strong hook. Next time you are tuna fishing, definitely throw a Wolfpack Tackle Ahi Casting Lure. They are available in 1-5 oz versions and are very effective.

Wolfpack Tackle Ahi Casting Lures come in five great colors. Choose from Glow Green, Glow Purple, Salmon Pink, Sterling Silver and White.

Models: WPT-AC


Color - Glow Green

Size - 1