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Wolfpack Tackle Ahi Head

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Wolfpack Tackle has burst on the seen with the Ahi Head! This is a more refined version of the very popular ballyhoo dressing and is a must if you are trolling for tuna. The Ahi Head is designed to be modular. The head is constructed of lead but features a unique removable rubber sheathing that you can mix and match colors. The same holds true for the hair. You can really make and combination of colors you want based on what the fish are biting. Wolfpack Tackle Ahi Heads are keel weighted out of the box so no more worrying about egg sinkers. They even have a rubber piece that keeps the ballyhoo from spinning. This is going to make a huge difference on the water! Top tuna captains in the Northeast have been fishing the Ahi Head to great success and you should add it to your spread! 

Wolfpack Tackle Ahi Heads are available in 3.5 oz and 5.5 oz models. Choose from five great colorways. Betta Purple, Buoy Red, Kelp Green, Ocean Blue and Salmon Pink. All of these lures mylar flash for that extra special something. 

Models: WPT-AL-035, WPT-AL-055


Color - Betta Purple Crystal/Purple

Size - 3.5