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Wolfpack Tackle Bunker Spoon

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Explore Depths with WolfPack Tackle's Bunker Spoons: Tailored Versatility, Unrivaled Precision!

Elevating Your Fishing Game

Versatility Redefined, Limits Shattered

Prepare for boundless fishing adventures! WolfPack Tackle presents the revolutionary Bunker Spoon, available in 12 oz, 16 oz, 24 oz, and 32 oz keel weights. Say farewell to wire-line constraints as these spoons expertly navigate various depths.

Durability Meets Ingenuity

Forged from robust, powder-coated stainless steel, these spoons are built to conquer. The silicone cover not only safeguards against paint damage but also ensures your vessel remains pristine throughout your fishing expeditions.

Adaptability Made Simple

Tailor your approach effortlessly! The interchangeable keel weights and silicone covers offer unparalleled flexibility. Adjust swimming depths and switch keel colors to entice fish, ensuring you're always a step ahead.

Effortless Customization, Seamless Transition

Experience unmatched convenience with the effortless swap and interchangeability of keel weights and silicone covers. Dive into adaptability—respond to changing conditions and enhance your fishing experience effortlessly.

Precision with Purpose

Designed to seamlessly integrate with braided lines, the 24 oz and 32 oz keel weights ensure optimal performance during casting or trolling expeditions, offering precision where it counts most.

Dive Deeper with WolfPack Tackle

Discover a world of innovation! Explore top-tier fishing gear at WolfPack Tackle, your destination for cutting-edge equipment.

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Secure your WolfPack Tackle Bunker Spoon today and redefine your fishing escapades!

Discover the depths anew—let WolfPack Tackle's Bunker Spoon be your key to unlocking fishing excellence!


Color - Chartreuse

Size - 32 oz