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Hard Baits

Yo-Zuri Bull Pop Floating Plugs

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Add a Yo-Zuri Bull Pop Floating Plug to your arsenal and you will catch more fish! The Bull Pop is constructed of a hard plastic Power Body that has thick walls and can handle repeated strikes from toothy fish. They feature a stainless steel thru-wire construction, 3X strong treble hooks and 3X strong split rings. Like all Yo-Zuri plugs, the finishes on the Bull Pops are amazing! Yo-Zuri uses color changing technology for a more realistic appearance. Add in extra large eyes and nearby fish can't resist! Yo-Zuri Bull Pop Floating Plugs are available in a 6" model that is perfect for surf fishing for striped bass, roosters and jacks. The larger 8" Bull Pop is your offshore plug. Throw it at tuna, GTs and other large pelagics. Yo-Zuri continues to deliver high quality plugs. Get yourself a Yo-Zuri Bull Pop Floating Plug!

Yo-Zuri Bull Pop Floating Plugs are available five great colors. Choose from holographic black, ballyhoo, mackerel, chrome sardine and pearl yellow pink.

Models: R1154-CHBL, R1154-CBH, R1154-CM, R1154-CIW, R1154-CPYP, R1155-CHBL, R1155-CBH, R1155-CM, R1155-CIW, R1155-CPYP


Color - Ballyhoo

Length - 6"

Weight (oz) - 2 1/2

Type - Floating