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Hard Baits

Yo-Zuri Surface Cruiser Floating Plugs

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The Yo-Zuri Surface Cruiser Floating Plug is an effective lure from the beach. These awesome pencil poppers are a surfcaster's best friend as they throw off a lot of water and are very attractive to big striped bass and bluefish. If you are fishing down south, roosterfish and jack crevalle will greedily attack a Surface Cruiser. Yo-Zuri Surface Cruiser Floating Plugs feature a durable Power Body that is extremely tough, stainless steel wire-thru construction, large eyes, 3X strong treble hooks and heavy-duty split rings. They also employ Yo-Zuri's patented Color Change technology that gives fish that extra incentive to hit your lure. Yo-Zuri Surface Cruiser Floating Plugs are extremely well made and have a history of catching big fish. Try one for yourself. You will love it!

Yo-Zuri Surface Cruiser Floating Plugs are available in 1 5/8 and 3 oz models. We stock them in five cool colors.

Models: R1172-CHB, R1172-CIW, R1172-CGHB, R1172-CPYP, R1172-CRH, R1173-CHB, R1173-CIW, R1173-CGHB, R1173-CPYP, R1173-CRH


Color - Red Head

Length - 7 1/2"

Weight (oz) - 3

Type - Floating

Hook Size - 4/0