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Z-Man Razor Shadz

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Z-Man Razor Shadz are a great trailer for a jig or chatterbait. It has a full-bodied baitfish shaped body with a segmented tail that gives it very natural movement in the water. Z-Man designed it to be your go-to trailer. It also has a built-in belly slot and dorsal slot so you can rig it weedless with an extra wide gap worm hook. Like all soft plastics from Z-Man, it is incredibly durable and will hold up better than soft plastics from other manufacturers. If you love fishing for largemouth bass, put a Z-Man Razor Shadz on the back of your jig and go get 'em!

Z-Man Razor Shadz are made in the USA. They are 4 1/2" in length and are available in three great colors. Choose from Black/Blue laminate, Green Pumpkin and Smoky Shad. They are packaged four to pack.

Models: RSHAD45


Color - Black/Blue Laminate

Size (in.) - 4 1/2"

Pieces - 4

Hook - None