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Zacatak Thunderstruck Trolling Lures

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Zacatak Thunderstruck Trolling Lures have finally made it to the USA! If you're hunting for big marlin, trolling the Thunderstruck is a must! This hard head lure is a mash up of a cup face pusher and slant head that creates an extremely erratic action in the water. It smokes and breathes like a pusher but will suddenly dive left or right. This gives the fish a completely different look than anything else you are trolling. Zacatak Thunderstruck Trolling Lures feature a high quality inner skirt and a high quality outer skirt that look amazing and will hold up over time. The recommended position for the Thunderstruck is Long Corner / Long Rigger.

Zacatak Thunderstruck Trolling Lures are 11 1/2" in length skirted. They are available in six awesome colors. Choose from Blue Green, Evil, Green Lantern, Hot Pinky, Joker and Zucchini. They are unrigged. Made in Australia. 



Color - Blue Galaxy

Size - 9"