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ChatterLures 400# Wind-On Shark Leaders

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ChatterLures 400# Wind-On Shark Leaders are among the best on the market today! Designed by professional offshore fisherman, the construction and execution of the whipped end of the leader is the best we’ve seen in a commercially manufactured leader. The ChatterLures 400# Wind-On Shark Leaders are available in either 400# extra-hard Diamond Monofilament, or 400# AFW cable, whatever best suits your needs. As with all ChatterLures products, the terminal tackle used is the best in the business – Diamond crimps and chafe gear, AFW 350# ball bearing snaps and swivels, and AFW cable crimps (twisted and doubled). Each leader is 25’ in length, which complies with IGFA regulations, and importantly, are tournament approved! No need to sit at home for hours constructing intricate wind-on leaders anymore, as ChatterLures has finally created a worthy wind-on that’ll stand up to multiple fish and last you a whole season.